Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post-Election Blues: Silence in the Halls of EPA

It feels like the flight or fight response.  Part of me feels like I'm about to be smothered and I should get out now.  Flee the country?  Or stay and work to prevent the damage that the President-Elect has promised to inflict.

I'm a retired EPA-employee, but I can just imagine the silence in the halls of EPA.
Choosing as a EPA transition director someone who is a climate change denier is an ominous sign.
My friends who have spent their lives writing regulations to protect people's health and the health of the environment are worried.  Some are worried they will end up on unemployment lines.

The air is heavy with worry, its hard to breathe when you think about what may be to come.  Part of me thinks that the laws and regulations that took so many years to develop and carry out, will protect us.  The procedural rules, public notice and comment, opportunity to challenge in court.  The person who said he is the only one who can fix things, certainly can't undo environmental protections without following legal procedures. Or, maybe this is the blind optimism of a retired bureaucrat.  For now, at least, we still have the judicial branch of government.

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