Thursday, November 10, 2016

Post-Election Blues: Silence in the Halls of EPA

It feels like the flight or fight response.  Part of me feels like I'm about to be smothered and I should get out now.  Flee the country?  Or stay and work to prevent the damage that the President-Elect has promised to inflict.

I'm a retired EPA-employee, but I can just imagine the silence in the halls of EPA.
Choosing as a EPA transition director someone who is a climate change denier is an ominous sign.
My friends who have spent their lives writing regulations to protect people's health and the health of the environment are worried.  Some are worried they will end up on unemployment lines.

The air is heavy with worry, its hard to breathe when you think about what may be to come.  Part of me thinks that the laws and regulations that took so many years to develop and carry out, will protect us.  The procedural rules, public notice and comment, opportunity to challenge in court.  The person who said he is the only one who can fix things, certainly can't undo environmental protections without following legal procedures. Or, maybe this is the blind optimism of a retired bureaucrat.  For now, at least, we still have the judicial branch of government.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to Counteract Election of Donald Trump

Since I retired I have been planning to volunteer on a regular basis but just haven't gotten around to it.  Now with the election of Donald Trump, I've decided to sign up for a volunteer orientation with the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia.  Its time to actively help others, especially those who would be most vulnerable under President Trump.   I'm sure many of us feel numb.  But let us take positive steps now and get past our feelings of despair.  There are so many volunteer opportunities out there.  Lets work together to regain this country.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Enthusiasm is Everything

Across from me on the metro this morning, a boy, a girl and their mom.  The girl was swinging her feet up and down. The boy was turning and looking all around excitedly, asking his mom about the stops. I mentioned to the mom how exciting the metro ride was for her kids.  She said they are on their way to see a dinosaur show - a musical.  I asked the kids how old they were and the boy said
"We're 4 and 1/2 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

Monday, September 8, 2014

Millie Pops - Sweet Success!!!

Our very own Amelia Semprebon, owner and CEO of Millie Pops, is a senior this year.  She won first place in the DC region for her business plan and will be advancing to nationals on October 9 in California. 
In the meantime, she is competing for first place in the elevator pitch competition where she could win $2,500. She needs your vote every day!  Share on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, tumblr, or any and all social media you use.  
You have to register the first time then you can vote every day!
Here is the link:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cheesecake - The Devil's Bargain

For an office lunch celebrating International Cheesecake Day. Poetry and prose contest included.

The Devil's Bargain

Is it a conspiracy
Of some mischievous devils
That cheesecake molecules
Bind together just so…
Egg + Cream Cheese + Sugar = Deliciousness

And no one had to die for this?

Take just one bite,
One cool, smooth,
Sweet and delightful
Blame it on Eve.
She promised
No repercussions.

DHartman, SDrewes

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sandwich Generation Ramblings

Recently, I’ve been stuck on the analogy of the sandwich generation.  The past few years, one slice of bread creating the sandwich was my mom.  She died a few weeks ago, so now I am left with the other slice, my kids.  One is in college, the other has one more year of high school.  After that, its just me without a structure.  The crumbs that remain.   Actually more than crumbs.  But what kind of sandwich am I?  If I was peanut butter, I would stick to the bread, and would be a mess if separated.  Let's not go with peanut butter.  If I were turkey or cheese, perhaps I could start over…How hard is it for people in the sandwich generation to start over?  That is the challenge ahead.

This analogy is not holding up too well right now.  I am feeling untethered, a whole different analogy.

Tomorrow to start some positive activities, to take care of me, I am going to join a gym.   If my dog actually walked when I walk him, instead of sniffing every blade of grass and contemplating it's history of smells, I might not need a gym.   But I digress...

Hopefully my ability to focus will return.  For now, its ramblings on sandwiches and loss, and of course, my dog.